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Doolin Tourism Co-Operative Society is a community-based group which is managed and funded by the local family-run businesses here in Doolin.

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Doolin Tourism Co-Operative Society Limited.

This website is run by Doolin Tourism Co-Operative Society Limited, a community-based group. It was set-up to market Doolin and to look out for Doolin’s interests when it comes to infrastructure, signage, and the environment. In 1995 Doolin Tourism became a Co-Operative Society.

Doolin Tourism has been managed and funded by the local family run businesses here in Doolin for over 30 years.

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The Doolin Charter

Our purpose is fourfold: (A) To build a resilient and supportive community based on equity, mutual respect and shared principles; (B) To care for our environment through the principles of good stewardship; (C) To learn how to live more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable lives; (D) To share what we learn with others

Doolin Values Statement:

Doolin is a strong, small community that cares about preserving and enhancing its heritage as a small area providing a welcoming, friendly, vibrant, rural atmosphere, developing a sustainable economy, maintaining and improving the health and integrity of the natural environment, ensuring individual choice and freedom of expression and promoting a diverse, population of year-round and seasonal residents and visitors who are committed to the community. 

Doolin Vision Plan

Community Character
Where residents and visitors experience Doolin with its characteristic charm that offers a safe, friendly and peaceful atmosphere where individuals can live, work, play and raise a family.

Economic Viability/Sustainability
Where a strong and sustainable year-round economy insured through partnerships with local businesses and attraction operators, supports the diverse economic and employment needs of local residents.

Natural Resources
Where the actions of the community ensure that wildlife and its habitat are protected, that views are maintained, that both air and water quality are clean and improved, and that accessible open space, Heritage sites and trails are preserved and maintained.

Where residents are allowed free movement of transport and farm machinery and visitors are advised on the most efficient way to visit and move within the area

Where a diversity of housing is integrated throughout the community and provides a variety of housing options. Cultural Resources
Where art, architecture and cultural events and facilities improve the community experience for residents and visitors, offer diverse and affordable access, and promote Doolin as a year-round cultural centre for residents and visitors.

Recreational Resources
Where the natural beauty of Doolin is augmented by world class recreational opportunities that provide diverse activities throughout the year. Those activities are served by facilities that enrich the visitor experience while ensuring affordable and accessible recreation opportunities for residents and visitors.

Where residents celebrate their collective diversity and where residents and visitors enjoy the natural beauty that makes one feel comfortable, happy and healthy in Doolin.

Doolin Tourism Working for the community

Working for the community
Doolin Tourism have been lobbying Clare County Council on behalf of the community for better and improved facilities. A number of key priority issues have been highlighted following a number of community meeting held in 2015 and 2017.

The main issues identified are,

  • Provision of Foot paths and public lighting in Doolin,
  • Quality Road Surfaces
  • Facilities at Doolin Pier
  • Traffic Management and parking
  • The Doolin Master plan
  • The volume of coaches at the Cliffs and in the area as a whole

Doolin Tourism have produced a number of documents to highlight these issues.

Doolin Masterplan submission 2017

Coach Tourism Management Statement 2017

Strategic meeting between Doolin Tourism and Clare County Council 2015

Website Support Services Tender 2018

2017-2018 Doolin Tourism Steering Committee

  • Chairperson – Niall Hughes (Sea View House Doolin)
  • Secretary – Karen Courtney (StoneCutters Kitchen)
  • Treasury– Carmel Shannon
  • Person to liaise with agencies – Anthony Moloney (Doolin Hostel)
  • Marketing & Experience Development  – Natalie Fitzgearld (Irish Crafts)
  • Doolin Co-op/Network Development & Training – Helen Browne (Doolin Cave)
  • Infrastructure – Eugene Garrihy – (Doolin2Arran Ferries)

2017-2018 Doolin Tourism Marketing Members

The following are the Marketing Members of Doolin Tourism and they feature on this website.


Aille River Hostel
Ashbrook Lodge
Atlantic View Cottages
Ballinalacken Castle
Churchfield B&B
Cois na hAbhann
Cullinans Restaurant & Guesthouse
Doolin Lodge
Doolin Hostel
Daly’s B&B
Doolin Coastal Cottages
Emohruo B&B
Half Door B&B
Harbour View B&B
Hotel Doolin
Moloney House B&B
Rainbow Hostel
Riverfield House B&B
Riverside Cottage
Roadford House
Sea View House Doolin
Seascape B&B
Twin Peaks Doolin


Doolin Cave
Doolin Ferries
Doolin Rent-a-Bike
Doolin2Aran Ferries
Doolin Music House
O’Briens Crafts
Irish Crafts
Village Crafts
Burren Tours
Private Drive Chauffeur


Cullinans Restaurant & Guesthouse
Hotel Doolin
McDermotts Bar
McGann’s Pub Bar
Roadford House
Stonecutters Kitchen Restaurant


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