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Arts & Culture in Doolin

Doolin is a thriving centre of culture. The community has ensured that its roots in art, music, culture and heritage are cultivated and encouraged and its rich traditions are clear for all visitors to see.

The rich tradition of music, art, history, heritage and culture all weave together and create a special atmosphere in Doolin. You feel it when you arrive, there is a magic in the air, where colour and creativity thrive and above all, are celebrated.

Traditional Music in Doolin

Doolin Heritage Trail

Those interested in history are invited to take part and immerse themselves in Doolin’s culture on the Doolin Heritage Trail. Participants have the opportunity to experience Doolin’s geology, folklore and anthropology as well as information on historical figures, painters and writers who visited Doolin in times past.


Doolin Writers Weekend

Annual features of Doolin’s event calendar is the festivals which celebrate the village’s cultural life.
Doolin’s Writers’ Weekend attracts writers from all over Ireland and further afield to Doolin to hone their craft and to hear from experienced writers speak over the course of the weekend. Doolin has long been associated with the arts, providing inspiration for musicians, painters and writers.

Doolin Music House

Christy Barry started Doolin Music House in 2015 with his partner Sheila. The concept was to create a space where people could come and get an insight into where they are and to keep the musical traditions and stories alive in an ever-changing modern Ireland.

The idea was in my head for years and years after travelling the world, that people need an insight into where they are, to keep the thing proper, otherwise it will slip away from you ~ Christy Barry

Although the pub sessions are extremely popular, Christy and Sheila soon realised that many of their visitors enjoyed the intimate setting of sitting around a homely fireplace, listening to traditional music. As a result of this, they decided to open up their atmospheric home to visitors, and Doolin Music House was born. Here visitors will enjoy Christy playing some great tunes, and his talks and discussions on the history of traditional Irish music.

Famous Visitors to Doolin

Many famous writers have visited Doolin, including JM Synge, George Bernard Shaw, Dylan Thomas and JRR Tolkein. In fact, it is said that Tolkein may have been influenced by his visits to the Burren when writing Lord of the Rings.

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