Meet the B&B’s- Churchfield B&B


Meet the B&B’s – Churchfield

Personalised hospitality will never go out of fashion in Ireland. In Doolin, our B&B’s are famous for providing that personal touch to their guests. There are few places in Ireland where you will receive the hospitality that you do in Doolin. Our B&B members have been welcoming visitors to Doolin for a long time ,some of them are in their 3rd generation of running a B&B business. And they have some great stories to tell.

As well as gaining invaluable local knowledge when you stay at a B&B in Doolin, you are also guaranteed superb food, luxurious rooms, and an Irish welcome like no other.

In the third of our series of Meet the B&B’s, we meet Maeve, Aoife and Aoifes partner Dessie from Churchfield B&B. At Churchfield B&B, you can look forward to luxurious accommodation, a beautiful home cooked breakfast and a home away from home.


How long have you been running this B&B, and what do you love most about it?

Churchfield opened unofficially as a B&B June bank holiday weekend 1981 when we helped Chris Linnane (another B&B owner in the area) to look after two girls who had missed the boat to Aran. The house wasn’t anywhere near finished at the time and when I told Chris that we hadn’t even carpets down yet she told me that they wouldn’t be eating their breakfasts off the carpets! After a few more strays from Chris we officially opened as a B&B and our doors have remained open since.

Meeting people from all over the world has to be one of the best things about the B&B but even better again is when people return and we get to catch up on what’s happened since their previous stay with us. We have a few regulars that have become friends of the family and we genuinely so look forward to their next visit with us.

I was forced to take a step back from the B&B in 2022 when I sustained a knee injury but luckily my granddaughter Aoife & her partner Dessie moved home to Doolin from Donegal and we threw them into the deep end and handed them the reins.

What's your favourite local dish or beverage that guests must try while they're here?

Doolin has so much to offer food wise; we are so blessed to be in an area where the business try to source fresh ingredients locally, guaranteeing you the very best of what our little corner of the world has to offer. Be it Seafood chowder from McDermotts, Tony’s stew from McGanns, fish and chips from Russels or a pizza from the stone wall we all have our own favourites in the house.

A must when you stay with us is the salmon which we get either from the Burren Smoke house or from Garrihys behind Aran View filling station. Some of our return customers also only order the full Irish solely for Mick & Lauras black and white pudding. We have also been praised on our scones and brown bread, both of which are homemade and the recipes of both has been passed down from generation to generation- mother to daughter.

How do you ensure guests feel at home and comfortable during their stay?

We always try to greet our guests personally and have a little chat when they check in. We offer some information on places to eat, things to see and do, where to shop. Little spots off the beaten track, family friendly spots. If we find out that someone has specific interests- eg. Photography we try to advise them on places to explore. We try to treat people as part of the family. Our kitchen door is almost always open during the day for anyone to come for a chat or to ask questions.

We have a guest living area for guests to relax in, fully stocked with books & board games. The hallway also has umbrellas, torches & hi vis jackets for guests to use. All bedrooms have TVs, kettles & tea/coffee, electric blankets, extra blankets, bottles of water, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, towels and- a favourite amongst our American guests- Wash Cloths! We also compiled a guest book in each room that we have filled with places to see, shopping, free things to do & family days out etc.

Are there any interesting stories or historical facts about your B&B that guests might find fascinating?

Thomas Shannon (Tomasin) was a tailor who lived across the road (in what is now the Rainbow Hostel). When we were deciding what to call our house, we had a chat with Tomasin who suggested calling it Churchfield B&B as it is built on some of the original 27 acres of Killilagh Church & the grounds were always known as ‘the Churchfield’ in the old days. Killilagh Church is situated just up the little lane way to the back of the house & can be seen from outside & from some of our bedrooms upstairs.

The house was also once home to Doolin’s post office and shop however we closed that in the early 2000s.

killilagh church doolin-clouds
killilagh church doolin-clouds

If a visitor has only one day in Doolin, what activities and places would you recommend to make the most of their time?

I think the more you give yourself to Doolin the more you will get out of Doolin. Ireland is not a relaxing holiday by any means. It is full of narrow country roads and confusing one-way systems in towns where you will shout and curse at the lady on google maps but it is also full of breath-taking views and jaw dropping experiences, pinch-me moments and time-standing-still experiences and somehow our little corner here in north-west Clare has it all packed in.

Get up get outside. Fill your lungs with sea air on a Cliffs of Moher cruise on O’Briens ferry, take a little walk along the rocks down by the sea and marvel at the Burren landscape that surrounds you, full of clints and grikes and little magic flowers that pop up everywhere during the summertime. Doolin Cave is a great little adventure that is right on our doorstep. Have lunch anywhere because really you will not get a bad meal in Doolin. Do some shopping in Fisher Street, have an early dinner and then head up to the Cliffs for sunset in the Summer even if it is out of hours. Come back to Doolin and have a quick freshen up before heading out for the night to any of the pubs where you will be treated to an evening of songs and music by some magnificently gifted musicians and singers. But most importantly talk to the locals!

Churchfield Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Stay
Churchfield Bed and Breakfast

Is there a message or invitation you would like to extend to potential guests considering a visit to Doolin?

Just do it! Book the trip! You only live once!

Situated right in the heart of Doolin, and open all year round, Churchfield B&B are able to provide a place to stay and rest whilst you journey around this fascinating region of Ireland. You may even end up staying for longer than you think!

Find more information on Churchfield B&B  here. 




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