Meet the B&B’s- Glasha Meadows

Glasha Meadows Doolin
Glasha Meadows Doolin


Meet the B&B’s – Glasha Meadows

There are few places in Ireland where you will receive the hospitality that you do in Doolin. Our B&B members have been welcoming visitors to Doolin for a long time ,some of them are in their 3rd generation of running a B&B business. And they have some great stories to tell.

As well as gaining invaluable local knowledge when you stay at a B&B in Doolin, you are also guaranteed superb food, luxurious rooms, and an Irish welcome like no other.

In the first of our series of Meet the B&B’s, we meet Marian, Martin and daughter Sandra from Glasha Meadows B&B. At Glasha Meadows, you are treated like family. Your hosts can be often found in the dining room, regaling guests with stories of the local area and sharing their love for this special place.


How long have you been running this B&B, and what do you love most about it?

We’ve cherished our 33 years at Glasha Meadows B&B. What we love most is the joy of creating unforgettable memories for our guests.

Can you share a memorable experience with a guest that encapsulates the essence of Doolin hospitality?

One evening, we had a guest who joined a local music session at a nearby pub. They felt like a part of our community, and that’s what Doolin hospitality is all about.


What's your favorite local dish or beverage that guests must try while they're here?

You can’t miss the Irish Beef stew at our local pubs that goes down well with a pint of Guinness. It’s a true taste of Doolin’s heart and soul, comfort and hospitality.

Glasha Meadows Doolin
Glasha Meadows Doolin

How do you ensure guests feel at home and comfortable during their stay?

From cozy rooms to warm smiles, we ensure our guests feel like they’re in a home away from home.

Glasha Meadows Doolin
Glasha Meadows Doolin

Do you have any personalized experiences or special surprises for guests staying at your B&B?

Marian has her own secret recipe for her brown bread and banana bread which she prepares for our guests, a little extra love to brighten their stay.

As Martin grew up with a hand in everything, he learnt how to build the B&B from the ground up alongside his family and friends. He is still our handy-man to this day!

If a visitor has only one day in Doolin, what activities and places would you recommend to make the most of their time?

Visit the Cliffs of Moher, savor the Burren’s wonders, and soak in traditional music at the local pubs. And trips to Aran Island. It’s an experience to remember!

Doolin Cliffs of Moher Rainbow
Doolin Cliffs of Moher Rainbow

How does Doolin transform throughout the year, and what seasons offer unique experiences for tourists?

Doolin’s beauty changes with the seasons. Spring and summer bring vibrant life, while Autumn and winter offer a peaceful and cozy charm.


Is there a message or invitation you would like to extend to potential guests considering a visit to Doolin?

Our door is open, and our hearts are ready to welcome you to Doolin. Come for the adventure, stay for the warmth. We can’t wait to make your stay unforgettable!

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