The Burren Food Trail

The Burren Food Trail

Don’t just visit the Burren, Taste It!

The Burren Food Trail features a wide variety of different food providers, producers, visitor attractions and outdoor activities. Those behind the trail are passionate about food, growing and producing it locally for you to enjoy.

The popular food trail is more than a listing of quality food establishments in the area – it aims to uncover for you the path that your food takes from field to plate. You can decide for yourself how to follow the trail – stop at every point or else dip in and out along the way, according to your taste, interest and location.

They put together a series of themed food events each year, to which, pre-booking is necessary. These events focus, not only on food but also on the landscape that surrounds it. Each individual event represents a unique opportunity to combine good food with real, authentic interaction with the people who produced or prepared it, or indeed with the surrounding landscape, activities and heritage.

The themed food events for 2020 TBC


Doolin Burren Food Local Producers

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